Too Much Heaven

If April is for abs, it can also be for asses.

And the BGEast boys have some seriously fine ones.


Mitch (aka the Bitch) Colby’s body always gets a lot of attention, but it almost always focuses on his arms, pecs, shoulders, and abs (and rightly so; they are quite nice). But he also has a phenomenal ass, which no one ever talks about or mentions. Until now.

I mean, nice, right?


And remember Kid Brock? He didn’t appear in too many matches for BGEast, but he was definitely memorable.


Oh, the fun I would have had with him in the ring….

brad rochelle

As you can see, his ass was just one of the many reasons Brad Rochelle was a superstar.


Rio, ah, Rio. Physical perfection, handsome, and dat ass.

No complaints with these three, either.

Z-man and Bulldog Barzini show off some lovely backsides in pink,

patrick donovan

No complaints about Patrick Donovan’s ass, either.


Nor with Exavier’s.

I’ve always been an ass/leg man; for years there was nothing more erotic to me than being trapped in a brutal headscissors, feeling the thighs and glutes flexing and straining to get me to submit.

Any. One. Of. These. Guys.

I’d let them scissor me for hours….

Shooting Star

Periodically, a new wrestler comes along for BGEast that makes you do a double-take.

Kid Karisma is one of those guys.


I mean, good Lord, look at that body.

That’s not even taking into consideration that ass.


This isn’t your average, run of the mill freckle-faced blue-eyed ginger.


The face is adorable, the body mouth-watering…and the kid can wrestle, too.


Mats, ring, the pool…up for every challenge.

And can even hold his own, body-wise, next to the amazing Rio Garza.


Yup, nothing to complain about there.

(to be continued)