I am, as I said, freakishly flexible.


I am not, of course, nearly as flexible as I was. When I wrestled for BGEast, I was still pretty flexible, but nothing like when I was younger.


I started stretching in high school, when I went out for football. I was always surprised at how much more flexible I was than the other boys. I could do back bends, the splits, and never pulled a muscle…never really needed to stretch much as anything other than a warm-up. I took a Gymnastics class in my Kansas high school, and that’s when I really developed my flexibility. I remember the teacher–who’d gone to college on a gymnastics scholarship–told me that had I started when I was young, I might have had a shot at the Olympics. And while I wasn’t a savant about gymnastics–a stunt had to make sense in my head before i could do it, but once the skill clicked, it was easy for me. I could do aerial cartwheels, back handsprings, back flips, back walk-overs…oddly enough, I never could really do anything forward. My back got so flexible, in fact, that I could do a back bend, then walk my hands in and grasp my ankles. I was a cheerleader in college, and I could jump really high–I could do toe touches easily, and I could also do a C jump; the idea is to leap into the air, throw your hands back and curl your legs into a C. I could touch my feet to my head doing that. I could do an arabesque; standing on one foot and bringing my left leg up behind until I could grasp the ankle with both hands and pull it up over my head (in figure skating, it’s called a spiral; if they also spin in that position, it’s called a Bielmann).

But because I was so naturally flexible, and worked at it for several years, I never really needed to stretch much the older I got. I am still more flexible than probably at least 90% of men my age; and I am so flexible that I often can’t get as good a stretch as I need by myself; pro wrestling was a godsend in that regard.

Because, of course, many holds and moves really are just your opponent stretching you. As you can see in the above picture, if put in an over-the-knee backbreaker, if I am positioned correctly, my back will hinge and arch and I can put my forehead on the mat while my feet are also flat on the floor.

It also feels really good.

mitch's over the knee

Obviously, I am not as flexible as I was; the older I’ve gotten the muscles have tightened up some and since I have never gotten into a routine of stretching, I haven’t been able to maintain it. That’s one of the things I miss about not having regular matches; they used to keep me stretched.


Heels loved to wrestle me because I could bend and stretch so much more than most wrestlers. I remember stretching before matches and watching the heel’s eyes get enormous, practically salivating as they realized the kinds of things they could do to me without worry of injuring me.

As a heel, one of my major disappointments has always been the lack of flexibility in most guys I’ve wrestled. When someone’s back just doesn’t bend and is incredibly stiff, you have to be a lot more careful when applying a Camel clutch or a backbreaker. I was often amazed at how rigid so many guys with otherwise amazing bodies were.

Flexibility is also a key component to fitness, and it’s one that most men ignore, to their own detriment. The three measures of fitness as strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility. The more you work on your flexibility, the more stretch your muscles can take, the long the muscle fibers are and the more easily blood and oxygen can flow through them…which means they will grow AND become stronger much more quickly than if they aren’t supple. Again, this is a genetic fluke, a gift from my DNA–if I weren’t naturally flexible, which had led to an interest in Gymnastics, I would be no different than anyone else. But that flexibility helped me with my muscle development, helped my body work my efficiently to burn fat and get lean, and helped, frankly, build my thighs so that I had a nice, round, tight hard ass.

I was always told my ass was my best feature.

corner split agony

I’ve always felt it was my flexibility, but I was always happy to take compliments on my ass.


What do you think?