Go Your Own Way

Truth be told, Justin and Nick are so fucking hot, does the match itself even matter?


I mean, fuck me.

And as I said before, the match started out friendly enough; two new guys to the Arena, helping each other stretch and warm up for the match to come.




And they’re not just beautiful boys, either. They actually can wrestle! While that can be choreographed somewhat, you still have to know what you’re doing when you’re on the mats. Nick and Justin put each other through some great holds and reversals as they worked up a sweat, still feeling friendly.


But even the nicest of guys can get a little carried away. After wringing a submission or two out of Nick–who wasn’t pleased at being trapped and forced to give in–Justin, not reading the situation right, chose to go for a little friendly taunting.


Nick didn’t care for this. Not one little bit, and the future superstar heel started coming out.


A little painful humiliation here, a little embarrassing and hurtful submission there…Nick knows how to wrestle, and also knew how to tear up an opponent–all the while never stooping to any low blows and cheap shots.



And soon Justin was beaten down, exhausted, and down for the count.


And not opposed to showing off his own physical pulchritude when it’s all over.

“We could have been friends,” he sneers as he walks off the mats.

A classic match in more ways than one.

Simply Irresistible

So, where was I?

Sorry there, Constant Reader; I am trying to be better at making at least weekly posts, but real life has been a bit of a heel to me lately, trapping me in the corner and taking cheap shots. I am surfacing briefly today because, for one, I need a break and for two, because I fucking can.

Oh yes, I’d started talking about the match between these two, which was the first time I encountered either of them on the BGEast site.

Fuck me, right?

One thing BGEast has consistently done over the decades has showcased ridiculously good-looking men. If you have a preference or a type, chances are you’ll find a whole vast expansive catalogue of guys who press your buttons.

Lucky me, I don’t have a type. I pretty much can find something attractive in almost every man, so BGEast is a smorgasbord for me.

Both Justin and Nick had great runs at BGEast, and their bodies were always in top condition. At first, Nick seemed to have a preference for wrestling in square cuts or those football-style shorts (see above), but he eventually moved on to more traditionally cut ring trunks. I always had a thing for Nick, from this first match (Fantasymen 22) on. I liked that he was shorter and stockier; muscular and thick and in great shape, but not, perhaps, as ripped up or cut as others. His pecs and legs were nice and thick, and that ass.

Oh my God, that ass. It was a work of art.

He also had the most amazing pouty lips, gorgeous eyes, and that New England/Boston-ish accent that’s always gotten my attention.

Justin, of course, was no slouch either. Beautiful beautiful face, startling blue eyes, and the body was of course perfectly proportioned, defined, and just big.

The match started off friendly enough as the two new guys help each other go through their warm-ups and help each other stretch. Even the wrestling, once it gets started, is friendly enough.


But matches that start out friendly rarely end up that way….

To be continued…