Seven Wonders

April. The month the IRS claims their pound of flesh, and the month when the weather begins to turn for the better–or at least it does in Louisiana (I hear it’s snowing in places up north, which is terrifying).

But April is also for ABS.


Like Kirk Donahue’s. Nice, right?


And Mitch Colby’s. You  could do your laundry on that washboard.


Ah, sexy Alexi Adamov. Makes you just want to dig your fingers in and claw, don’t they?

troy milan

Look at that deep crevice in the center of one-hit wonder Troy Milan. Yeah, I just want to pound away at those.


You can’t talk about abs at BGEast without showing off Josh Goodman’s.


or, for that matter, Kid Karisma’s. And having pounded away on those myself, I can tell you, they’re like rock.

dick rick

And of course, Dick Rick, who could easily be the new Mr. Perfect.

And last but not least, there’s always room for one more….


Reese Wells.

Who had/has your favorite abs at BGEast?

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