Top Dog

Oh, Richie.

Despite that great start, before long you made the mistake so many others do; getting overconfident and underestimating your opponent.


I’ve not watched one of Calvin’s matches before–popped my cherry with this one, as it were–but from comments and emails since I started talking about watching this match, and my attraction to him, I’ve gathered his previous matches did not go well for the sexy muscle boy. This is also my first time watching pretty Richie in action; I’ve also gathered his matches didn’t go well for him, either. So, thinking this time around would be different for him, after his initial successes getting Calvin to submit isn’t hard to understand, really. We’ve all been there, right?


But when your opponent is strong and thickly muscled, that strength is going to come into play at some point. And Calvin, worn and tired of being used to wipe the mats by a smaller pretty boy, has finally had enough and puts those muscles to work.


And once Calvin starts using his power to get control, poor Richie doesn’t stand a chance.


Ah, to be trapped like this between his strong quads, face oh-so-close to the sweaty crotch. I don’t know whether to pity Richie, or envy him.


And really, the match finally starts going Calvin’s way, with the inevitable defeat of beautiful Richie.


Nicely done, boys! I’ll be watching more of your work in the future.

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