Big Boys

Interestingly enough, I have wrestled three of the studs on Bulge Battles 1 for the cameras; and I sure as hell wouldn’t have minded getting in the ring with the other three. I’ve already discussed the Kid Karisma-Jobe Zander sweatfest, which was aboslutely amazing and definitely pushed a lot of my erotic buttons.

But that brings me to the match with another former opponent of mine: Josh Goodman vs. Rex Braddock.

Mr. Joshua is a stud, there’s no question about that. His body has been in perfect condition since the first day he walked in front of a BGEast camera, to this match. You have to admire his dedication to his fitness; it would be easy to figure hey, even if I put on another percent of bodyfat I’m still going to look better than 99% of men and slack off a little bit. His definition is intact; if anything, he might even be in better shape than he was when I wrestled him all those years ago.


Yeah, and the dramatic bulge is only emphasized by those silver trunks.

I also have a thing for his foe, Rex Braddock. I mean, he’s a big hunk of man, isn’t he? And those eyes…very dreamy. I’ve always been a sucker for a man with dark hair and blue eyes.


His debut, against Marc Merino in Strip Stakes 1, was a hot match; Marc Merino was also sexy as hell–and matches where the wrestlers strip each other down and wind up wrestling nude has pushed my buttons since the glory days of the Hard Pros series.


Rex is a big boy; maybe not as ripped as Mr. Joshua, but that’s a lot of beef…and when there’s a big size disparity between wrestlers, the bigger guy has an advantage right from the start. Rex takes full advantage of that size/strength disparity; toying with one Mr. Joshua from the very start–which of course had to be incredibly frustrating for someone with an ego the size of Mr. Joshua. I’ve not seen him get tossed around like this since he took on the Brooklyn Bodywrecker–and made the mistake of mocking BBW for being old. That was an enormously satisfying beatdown.

Mr. Joshua doesn’t take a beating just lying down though (other than that one, of course) and he’s not opposed to bringing a big hulk down with a low blow or two, and then never letting up. It was also fun–and hot–watching him work the big man over.

Definitely a good time was had by yours truly watching this one.

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